• Nutans Tea (Sabah Snake Grass Tea)

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      Nutans Tea (Sabah Snake Grass Tea). Sabah Snake Grass is blended with Traditional Chinese Herbal Flavouring to give a healthy and yet refreshing taste.

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    Even if a statement made about Sabah Snake Grass is accurate, it may not apply to you or your symptoms, as treatment varies from person to person. As such, by no means treat this product as the main treatment method for your illness, as it should be complimentary. Consult your physician if product is to be used while undergoing other treatment methods.

    Today’s medical world is dynamic in searching for effective medicines to cure or prevent the proliferation of virulent diseases affecting the human race. Despite the dynamism of science, however, the world is still in trouble, as these diseases, such as cancer, kidney malfunction, diabetes have become more abusive and deathly to the human populace. In fact, the mortality rate, due to these diseases, is still increasing. Thus, it is about time to go back to natural world, where plants and herbs having natural medicinal properties are planted.

    Sabah Snake Grass is an herb grown usually in tropical weather countries, like Malaysia and Thailand. This natural herb that is part of acanthaceae family has a scientific name Clinacanthus nuthans. It is a non-toxic edible plant. Traditionally it has been used in south east asia to treat a variety of sickness. In thailand, it is medically proven for treatment of skin rashes, and herpes, and is also used to cure snake bites. Sabah Snake Grass is known as Dandang Gendis in Indonesia and is used locally to treat patients with kidney failure. In Malaysia, it is known as Belalai Gajah or Sabah Snake Grass, and is famous for having good effects on cancer patients, although it is also used to reduce symptoms of dialysis patients.

    Our product Nutans Tea (Sabah Snake Grass Tea) retains all the goodness of Sabah Snake Grass in a more convenient form for today’s fast paced world, where even cooking your own meal is a luxury. Just like conventional tea, Nutans Tea sachets can be readily prepared with just immersion in boiling water. We had the initiative to make health products more appealing rather than using the phrase ‘It is healthy for you, taste is not the main point’. Nutans Tea is blended with Traditional Chinese Herbal Flavouring to give a healthy and yet refreshing taste.

    Weight 180 g
    Dimensions 13 x 11 x 3 cm
    No. Of Tea Bags

    15 Sachets

    Net Weight (Per Tea Bag)

    2.5 grams


    Clinicanthus Nutans, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis

    Country Of Origin


    Organically Produced


    Outer Packaging



    Individual Aluminium Foil Packaging for each Sachet


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